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Quality Garage Door Repair Company In Spring TX Since 2005

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We expert in all the garage door openers drive type: belt, screw, chain and direct.


A lot of the parts and even the door itself will get worn down and eventually get spoiled.


We specialize in all kinds of commercial and residential garage door installation services


Our team is a group of specialists that provide 24 hour garage door repair service in Spring.

About Us

Garage Door Repair Spring TX carries the widest and most trusted brand of products and services related to garage doors. Our offering is always updated to catch up with the latest development in home safety and other real property security. Our line-up is of the highest quality, and we maintain our target of giving it to our customers at the most reasonable and affordable price. We cater phone and walk-in inquiry regarding our services. Also keep in mind that here in Spring, TX, our availability is at your disposal because we are committed to serving you. Nearby areas are also welcome to experience and avail of our services.

Our company has the edge of giving you the full experience, especially when you want to look in our store. You can readily check our products, samples, textures, colors, finishes, and other intricate details that would complete the full feature of your garage door. As we said, everything that you are looking for is in our place, along with all the requirements and specifications.

Our company follows the integration of focused customer satisfaction through quality products and services. Our business has earned its reputation in the industry as the best. We are built through customer satisfaction and happiness that our services provide. The customers are like our investment, as they add value to us over time. We have the best employees and crew working with us so that we can deliver all of our services efficiently and effectively.

Committed to Be the Best

  1. We Deliver What We Promise – With us, promises are not broken because we always accomplish every project and job needed from us. We have been in the business long enough and we have weathered the advancement and technology involved in garage doors. Our dedication in completing our job is driven by the fact that we care for your safety and your property. Our garage doors are meant to keep us safe and that is how we value our job.
  2. We Know Quality Products and Services – Our garage doors and their related parts and accessories all come from the most trusted and reputable manufacturers and suppliers. We do not want you to have substandard products resulting in mediocre finished products. From accessories to the main garage door panels, all of our products are tested and proven to give the ultimate finish and look of a great garage door.
  3. We Work as a Team – Our company would not be the same without the hardworking and most professional service crew and employees we have. They are as dedicated as the company itself in fulfilling the garage door services you deserve. Our service crew has the qualification and the best grasp of the technicalities of garage door operations, from installation to maintenance or reparation and renovation.

Committed to Our Own

Our company prides itself with having the group of professional service crew, employees, and customer service representatives that we have. We also consider the importance of our suppliers because they introduce us to new innovations and the latest inventions that amplify the feature of every garage door we offer in the market. This group of individuals and corporate entities provide the much needed levity of the company to stay in the game and to prove itself as the best in the business. There is no other one like us. We accommodate all types of garage door projects for a wide range of purposes. We can provide for both residential and commercial types from simple installations to garage door upgrades and renovations.

Our service crew performs their services in the most honest and trustworthy way. They are there to listen whenever you need an assessment of your garage door and before we proceed with providing you options. We are not there to engage in sales talk but to give you the sincerest advice that you can consider. All of the advices and suggestions that we provide are reasonable enough because we do not operate to give you a quick fix. The services we provide would last for a long period of time. This ensures that your money’s worth is fully realized. We operate to give you the feel of being secure and comfortable while the final output of the project is the best looking garage door you would ever see.

Committed To Deliver

Simplex Garage Door Repair is a company that strictly adheres to state regulations and laws. We make sure that every project we provide to our customers is of high quality. We also make sure that as your service providers, we do not divulge all your personal information for purposes other than providing you after- service and maintenance ones. We value your privacy as well because we know that our transaction is only bound by the garage door services that we offer and their related maintenance.

When we work on your premises, we make sure to apply our limits on how much we access in your house or place of business. We only survey the area where our service is required. We are ethical in our business practices because we do not want to be seen as a profiteering service provider. What we provide is an honest and real garage door repair service that would be of value and our commitment to you.

Aside from that, the company is continually growing and improving by providing the most up-to-date set of new products and services that further enhance our line-up. When it comes to our environment and community relations, we make sure that we do not contribute to pollution and chemical wastes. We adopt proper waste disposal practices. We are also active in the community when it comes to local activities. It is our way of serving back our fellow citizens. We are the garage door company you have been looking for. You are in safe hands when you work with us.