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Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I look for in buying garage doors?

The most important factor would be the quality of the garage doors. You have to buy from a trusted supplier and installer for you to have the best choice. Keep your budget in mind, but don’t shy away from a high-quality supplier.

How much do garage doors cost?

The price depends on many factors because there is a wide variety of qualities and styles for garage doors. You can request for a quotation once you’ve made up your mind on what you want for your garage door.

Why is quality more important than the beauty of garage doors?

A lot of garage doors can fool you by their beautiful or attractive appearance. To be sure, it would be best to go and ask a trusted supplier about the quality of the garage door that you want.

What is better, a steel door or a wooden door?

Wooden doors look classic and easy to customize. However, they require a lot of care and maintenance compared to other materials. Steel doors are considered inexpensive, strong, and with low maintenance. They can also imitate the look of wood nowadays.

My garage door won’t open, what can I do?

You can either check on both sides of the door to see if it’s stuck on something. Check if springs are damaged or if your remote control might be broken. You might be tempted to fix it yourself; however, it is best to cal the experts. This would ensure that the problem is properly fixed and that you avoid getting injured.

What is causing the noise on my garage door?

There are a lot of reasons for your garage doors to be noisy. It can be caused by worn-out rollers that might need lubrication, loose parts that need to be tightened up, or garage door parts that need cleaning up.

Can I change my garage door’s paint myself?

Absolutely. If your garage door’s current paint is faded or damaged, repainting is recommended. But make sure that you have enough knowledge in painting garage doors to avoid incurring even more damages, or better yet, call an expert to do it.

Is there a required maintenance for my garage door?

Maintenance will be based on the kind of door you have. Steel doors don’t require much attention. In contrast, wooden doors will require a lot of care since they don’t last long compared to doors made from other materials.

Can I change parts on my garage door myself?

No, it is best for you to call the experts. Changing some of the garage parts need technical knowledge and special equipment. Doing this yourself may lead to   injuries or further damage to your garage door.

What can I do to keep my garage door in good working condition?

To keep your garage door in good condition, regular cleaning is advisable. But be careful to clean only the outside parts. For the other parts, such as the tracks, cables, springs, joints, and rollers, it is best to have them checked by experts as trying to check these parts yourself can make you accidentally damage them. You may even injure yourself.

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