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How to Install a Garage Door

There could be a number of good reasons why you would want a new garage door. It could be that you have moved into a new house and want to renovate it, including the garage door.   You want to make sure that the style and design of any new garage door matches that of the rest of the house.

Alternatively, you may have simply neglected your garage doors.  They are no longer functioning properly and their appearance may be out of place with the rest of the house. It is bringing the value of your property down and possibly increasing your home and even your car insurance.  You live in Spring TX, and you have read and heard good reports about the Garage Door Repair Spring company.

The garage door installation process is very straight forward. You start by checking the available designs online.  You can modify and adjust any of these if necessary. By discussing your ideas with our expert technicians over the phone, you can arrange an initial visit from us. With the help of our company representative, you can finalize the design and make of the door that suits you best.

An Investment into Your Home

The expense of any new door will be quickly off set by the probable rise in the value of your property, along with the hopefully favorable adjustments in your home and car insurance.  This will be an investment for the future. However, to ensure you get the benefit from this investment, you must really make sure that you regularly maintain your garage door after the garage door installation. Maintenance of its exterior appearance is important.  If there are any problems with the door panels, then a competent and professional company in Spring TX will quickly sort this out.

You also discuss a quote. Details of the design and quotation are sent back to you. This is all part of the process on how to install a garage doorGuidance will also be given on how to purchase the new door, plus the financial options that are available to you.   This is followed up by the experts’ detailed inspection of the garage. After these, the proper installation process will get started.  The site will be properly cleaned up. The old garage door will be removed. The installation will be completed by our professional and licensed technicians.  The operation of your new garage door will be fully explained to you.

Garage Door Maintenance Post Installation

The garage door installation is complete.  What you must understand is that a modern garage door is nothing like the old side hinged garage door of the past. This door is a sophisticated combination of mechanical, material, electrical and microelectronic technologies. Maintenance of a garage door should be treated the same way as that of your automobile.  In the case of the doors, you can start with a visual and sound inspection. This should be undertaken every month. 

The critical mechanical components are the torsion and extension springs and the cables. These support the full weight of the garage door and are involved in the smooth operation when the door opens and closes. They are under high tension. If you see a problem, report it to us.  Do not try anything yourself. They will spring out and could cause you serious injury. In addition, the garage door must be securely clamped. This could come crashing down especially if the cables are disconnected. All metals are subjected to force. They cease to be springy and will snap in time. Another area to look at will be the drive systems that are subjected to wear.

How to Install a Garage Door and Maintain It

Aside from familiarizing yourself with how to install a garage door, it’s also important that you closely observe how it functions.  You may notice that the garage door is not balanced when it is moving or that the motor and drive systems are starting to strain. This could be a good indication that there are problems with the cables and springs. You may start hearing a vibration in the drive systems. These could be either in the chain or belt drives.  Again, there could be a problem developing. Nuts and bolts may be working loose. There may be damage to the rollers or there may be something in the tracking.

An experienced garage door technician will know immediately what the problem could be, the same way a car mechanic will pick up on a problem with the drive shaft. You can do the inspections yourself and then contact us.  If you are just too busy and don’t feel competent enough, then our experts at  Simplex Garage Door Repair company will be more than happy to check all the important systems regularly.   This would be even more important for a busy company who use a number of garage doors constantly. If you have any worries at all about your mains supply, you must contact us immediately.